Best Salesforce Features for Sales Managers 2022


Salesforce Sales Cloud has the largest customer base of any CRM sales in the world. Salesforce has strengthened the CRM of efficient sales companies by focusing on providing the best solutions for the type of sales management and users.

However, Salesforce users may not be aware of all available features, which will ultimately depend on how the product is used. In this clip, I will go over ten very important features, which, if used properly, have a great impact on Salesforce’s launch coordinator.

1. Slack ​​channel

Sales Cloud has a new list of options for working with the popular messaging app. The ability to automatically generate a new Slack channel for a new contract, sometimes known as the “Digital Party Room,” is a tool used by many firms. This allows all stakeholders to communicate, share documents, and ask questions, leading to more organized action.

2. Group Prediction

Undoubtedly predicting is one of the most useful tools available to a sales manager. Managers can use the function of Salesforce’s Collaboration Forecasting to get an idea of ​​how their entire team is performing within a set time. Managers can look at the fitness of a particular team or user, as well as their winning chances. All of this can be compared to the seller’s share in determining their performance.

3. Account Groups

Groups Account is a simple Salesforce tool that allows you to connect users who work on the same account. If you use a private sharing model, you can give these group members access to their accounts so they can view and modify them.

This helps the sales manager as it gives them a quick idea of ​​who works for the client and what their job is.

4. Double Management

Duplicates can be a big headline for any company. Repetition cannot be avoided if the data is included in the marketing and marketing activities, as well as the list obtained from events or other leading production activities. Salesforce Duplicate Management is a suite of tools that alert users when a record they are creating or editing is a duplicate. Users can then decide whether compiling or deleting a record is the best course of action.

5. Marketing Process

Sales Path is a useful tool that started with Salesforce Lightning a few years ago, and although you may see a screenshot below from your organization, you may not be fully prepared. The Sales Path allows you to easily see where your Opportunity is in its life cycle. You can also modify the data from the “Key Fields” and “Success Guide” sections separately. With Key Fields, you can highlight the most important areas in a particular category, making sure merchants collect this data. Tips to help marketing users at this level can be found under “Success Guide.”

6 Using Time Stamps

In Salesforce, the “Timestamp” is a method of recording the date / time when the action took place. As Opportunity progresses from one stage to another, it can be especially valuable for marketers to spin the field. This helps to track how long each phase takes to complete, as well as the performance of each vendor.

7. Develop a Sales Culture

Procedures, policies, and plumbing management are all useful and necessary, but the culture consumes a lunch plan. Senior marketing executives do not rely on irrational or theoretical plans to promote their marketing teams. Align and implement the group communication network and business goals, setting possible, comfortable, and accurate goals for them and the team’s cultural standards.


Salesforce, if used effectively, can help managers gain a better understanding of overall sales and expect more accurately by the next quarter. It can help managers see and close gaps in their team processes in addition to giving them a clearer view of the data.

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