IT: Asset or Distraction

We now treat technology as our second nature. We are entirely engrossed in social media, technology, and the internet. Our preference for user-friendly software and mobile apps is altering how we think and communicate. It affects how we dress, learn, teach, eat, and exchange information. People who worry about losing their mobile phones may choose to have them surgically linked to their bodies soon. One can get alarmed if they grab their phone and see that their most recent social media post has received no views or likes, let alone if they discover that it has been damaged.

And why not? It’s a device that connects us with the whole world. Schools are exposing children to technology at a younger age. E-learning software is providing better learning solutions but they are also the student’s increasing technical dependability. Writing materials and paper are slowly disappearing among working professionals and college students. In this way, Information Technology is affecting our daily lives. Whether it’s communication, operations or management, information technology plays an important role in every sector.

Benefits of information Technology

By enabling organizations to be more productive and efficient, information technology is a major benefit to the industry. Faster communication, record protection, and electronic storage are all made possible through innovations in the IT field. Computers and information technology are now a need in every working setting.

Information technology also offers the following benefits:

Information security and storage

Information that is shared through the internet and corporate intranet is stored in electronic storage systems. The integrity of the business depends on the safe management of customer and corporate files. So, Information is kept secure in virtual vaults by restricting who has access to it. This helps in tracking who is accessing the information and their location. Your electronic data is safeguarded by security measures to prevent loss or harm if a system malfunctions. A strong security system can also deter hackers and protect from external security breaches.

Process automation

The success of a corporation depends on its capacity to identify methods to accomplish all the set goals in less time. An organization can be more efficient by utilizing information technology to employ automated procedures that enable workers to handle a greater workload. The computer programmes can handle reports, enquiries, and financial monitoring, freeing up people to work on other projects.

Remote access

Employees always get electronic access to the corporate network once an IT system has been put in place by the organization. Employees can now work remotely or while travelling thanks to this capability. As they may continue to work while they are not in the office, this allows the employees greater flexibility, which also increases their productivity.

Disadvantages of Information Technology

Information technology has made everything very accessible. It provides security along with access and ease of use. But Information technology comes with its own few disadvantages as given below:

Implementation expenditure

It can be highly expensive to set up an information technology enabled system in a house or company. Software training is another expense that can significantly affect the company’s budget. Just like any other piece of equipment, information technology systems occasionally need to be maintained and repaired. However, the costs of maintaining and upgrading IT systems also exist and they can exponentially rise as systems age.

Job elimination

Tasks require less time when IT systems are used in work environments, giving employees more time throughout the day. Reports are created at the press of a button, financial statements are generated automatically, and paperwork is processed and filed instantly with the help of information technology. Companies are realising that they can combine tasks and function more effectively with a smaller staff, all thanks to information technology.

Security breaches

There is an increased risk of a security breach when data is electronically stored. Hackers are always up to no good, and they evolve with advancements in technology. Last year’s cutting-edge security measures are now outdated and urgently need an upgrade. It is very essential to have a security expert as a part of your staff to safeguard corporate data.

To wrap it up, There are numerous parts of information technology that keep us on our toes even when it is becoming a part of our lives that we can’t separate ourselves from. Trying to keep up with the digital modifications as well as afford the improvements might leave one feeling confused and powerless. However, if we identify all its features, then we can achieve much more than we are at present with the help of information technology.

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