The Future of Work at Salesforce


First, everyone seems to be moving to the cloud, as per Gartner’s findings. Second, the importance of marketing is rapidly increasing in the business world. The MIT report states that 91% of companies who are using Salesforce have acclaimed that their marketing teams have a “strong executive voice.” In addition to that, 64% of marketers give more value to their existing clientele than acquiring new ones. With the help of Salesforce, those professionals can now provide the clients and customers with their entire experiences. As one of the most exciting Cloud platforms around, the Salesforce suite of applications is starting to realize widespread pertinence in a very speedily increasing range of trade domains, and SFDC has witnessed immense growth in recent years. But what will the longer term hold for Salesforce? Is it possible for the Salesforce family to be prepared to dominate or monopolize the enterprise software package for the marketplace for the decade ahead? To predict the longer term for Salesforce, let’s begin with a glimpse into the recent past, a fast look at the state of the CRM trade, and also the role vie by Salesforce apps that can help to connect the dots and make a plausible future path –

• 47% of total CRM software revenue in 2014 was generated from SaaS-based CRM applications.

• The top ten CRM vendors together were able to generate 60% of worldwide revenue in 2014. • Undoubtedly, Salesforce dominated the worldwide CRM market with a market share of 18.6%, and 28.2% revenue growth from 2013 to 2014.

• SAP had the second largest market share with 12.1%, with a growth rate of 7.2% in 2014.

• Oracle had the third-largest market share of 9.2% with a growth rate of just about 2.6% in 2014.

Current Scenario:

Salesforce has modified the method of business treatment and how to maintain its client base. 54 % of the organizations that use Salesforce believe that they’ll deliver additional and personalized experiences to their shoppers and customers. 70% of the organizations are conjointly rumored that Salesforce makes it gettable to wear down consumer needs further effectively. As Salesforce has customized their solutions for users to enter additional info regarding their customers, it’ll solely become progressively necessary to produce business-wide visibility of client info. Moreover, current Salesforce users have noticed that sales, finance, and legal groups all share one system for consumer records. So, once an extended trip through the CRM market, Salesforce rose as a pioneer on account of its unmatched talents and cloud network.

What is the longer term of Salesforce?

The company recently announced that there will be an additional data science capability to its Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud. Service Cloud lets users automatize client service tasks; selling Cloud lets marketers leverage information for prophetical and targeted selling. It is that 71% of businesses invest in business intelligence and big data, and of those, 20% have reported making substantial investments. Salesforce has additionally discharged new merchandise which will facilitate it maintain its flight. The company extended its Lightning CRM in 2015. Through Salesforce Lightning, the corporate has accumulated sales rep productivity and provided businesses with analytics and intelligence that has driven sales. The company reports that Salesforce Lightning is the upcoming future for CRM software systems which creates new levels of potency in comparison to its core CRM product. The addition of skills like data science services can facilitate to keep the existing customers happy in the coming future. The rollout of Salesforce Lightning and plenty of fresh supplementary options can facilitate the corporate to acquire new customers who were not fascinated by the Salesforce product. Salesforce can still lead the market as long as it wants because the company puts resources into optimizing the SaaS answer. However, as additional industries implement Salesforce, businesses can understand that they have CRM tools tailored to their specific vertical, whereas the cloud-based platform provides many options that build customized experiences potential for shoppers, organizations in several sectors can have to be compelled to capture progressively relevant and specific info. The addition of capabilities like information science services can facilitate keeping the existing customers happy in the coming future. The rollout of Salesforce Lightning and plenty of freshly superimposed options can facilitate the corporate to acquire new customers who were not curious about the Salesforce product.


Salesforce is within the thick range of Slack integrations that are designed to enhance all aspects of the business. With all of those new options, a lot of engineers with more Salesforce experience, than ever before are required to stay up with the fast pace of amendment.

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