Careers in Salesforce

Salesforce is a booming technology and is always in need of skilled personnel that can execute a task successfully. While many individuals in IT industry are looking for an opportunity to work on Salesforce technology, statistics reveal 60% of the employees working are in need of training. Hence the need for trained/skilled personnel in salesforce has increased as the multiple positions require a certain level knowledge of salesforce modules.

As demand for skilled salesforce employees increases companies have also started to hire employees at least with a PD1 Certification. Increasingly, employers expect their team has a certain level of certification in salesforce. Having a PD1 Certificate will help professionals boost their careers and simultaneously it opens the door for corresponding career tasks.

We will now help you understand the opportunities available for those with a Salesforce PD1 Certificate;

Designation in Salesforce:
Salesforce has now become one of the best choices for an individual to get a booming and demanding career. While salesforce offers many opportunities, let us have a quick preview of the designations available;

  1. Salesforce Administrator
  2. Salesforce Developers
  3. Salesforce Architects
  4. Salesforce App Builders
  5. Salesforce Business Analyst
  6. Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant
  7. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant
  8. Salesforce Sales Manager

Every designation demands specific skills and knowledge. To be a successful salesforce executive he/she must have the required skills and knowledge and along with it he/she should also posses the following traits and qualities;

  1. Be a Logical Thinker
  2. Team Player
  3. Quick Learner
  4. Leadership
  5. Enthusiastic & Eagerness

Many MNC’s offer a better career and opportunities to those who are skilled and knowledgeable in the field and also match the additional traits required for an employee. While firms and organizations hire with their pre-requisites set for interview processes, let us give you an idea about the job roles and the responsibilities associated with it;

  1. Salesforce Administrator
    One of the most demanding jobs in the field an administrator works on the security access, standard and custom objects, sales cloud, service cloud applications. Also they are mostly engaged in improving engagement with customers, clients, business partners, etc.
  2. Salesforce Developer
    The salesforce developer positions is similar to that of a developer, except a salesforce developer on codes for applications and platforms that will work in Salesforce technologies. He should also know salesforce administration along with a multitude of coding languages.
  3. Salesforce Technical Architect
    The technical architect should have the capability to deal with object modelling and SSO technologies and is responsible for maintaining efficient working capability of the Salesforce Ecosystem.
  4. Salesforce App Builder
    The app builder role is specifically indulged in innovation and development of the applications. This role should be proficient in lightning techniques. One should also be creative and should have vision to build a career as a salesforce app builder.
  5.  Salesforce Business Analyst
    Similar to a business analyst this role entails he/she performs analysis and provide the key business insights while ensuring the organizational objectives are met at the right time.
  6. Salesforce Service Cloud Analyst
    For this position mostly senior business analysts are considered as they are responsible for designing the solutions for the service cloud functions as well as they should be capable enough to solve complex business problems.
  7. Salesforce Marketing Consultant
    The role is generally offered to an employee who can improve and manage marketing strategies. He/she is also responsible for engaging bet client and market and provide the best business solutions and manage customized marketing strategy.
  8. Salesforce Sales Manager
    Similar to a Sales Manager position, the individual who has the capability to bring up customer success is the best fit for this position. The individual is also responsible for managing the deals, enhancing the sales process and help overcome obstacles by providing solutions.

With increased demand, salesforce is now considered as the best career option. Organizations are moving towards a more cloud oriented solution and salesforce is leading the way. If you want wish to learn about salesforce and opt for a lucrative job opportunity you can also watch our CAP Program details.

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