Building Salesforce Apps through Lightning

Salesforce users have mainly complained that the user interface is clunky. The web transitioned to responsive design, and the Salesforce UI didn’t initially evolve at the same pace. This prompted Salesforce to rethink the way its platform is designed and how applications are built. inside. All of this led to the launch of a new platform that Salesforce has dubbed “Lightning” and  also dubbed “The Future of CRM”. Lightning was designed to provide additional analytics and online intelligence increases sales and is a completely new implementation of Salesforce. This is achieved by focusing entirely on the application logic and democratizing application creation on the platform. The main changes introduced with the Lightning Platform:

  1. A New Information Architecture.
    Any screen, streamline processes and workflows with Lightning. For example, the “Activity Feed” shows the latest updates assigned to a sales rep from all accounts. To see everything that is happening with a customer without having to go to different pages of the application, the “Contextual Preview” can be used. The “Opportunity Dashboard” provides a complete picture of all  your offers. And finally, there are customizable dashboards that let you choose what data you want to have at hand, even if it’s not available by default. End users get more power in their hands, which in turn translates into a more satisfying experience for the sales team.
  2. A new design language
    Regardless of the device, all  new user interface features  work  the same way. Lightning offers a new design language that promises a consumer-like experience across devices, browsers, and operating systems. This in turn is helpful in making Salesforce a responsive platform.
  3. A New Way to Build Apps
    Thanks to Lightning, the number of custom apps built on the Salesforce platform has exploded. Even non-developers can now create apps because  Salesforce has heavily democratized the app development process. Lightning components, anyone can start building apps. To provide more flexibility in designing the system  and to simplify the above complex workflows, Lightning apps can be built as standalone apps on top of existing Salesforce apps or Salesforce1 mobile apps.

It is a very easy and simple task to create basic applications and make simple customizations, but when one is in this business it becomes inevitable to design complex applications with complicated application logic.  It also happens that you don’t have the talent or internal bandwidth  to develop these applications yourself and  if you get it wrong you could end up  building wrong applications without getting the desired results and being incompatible with each other. This makes it more beneficial and safer to work with a Salesforce Lightening developer so you don’t waste time and energy  building inappropriate apps.

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