Features that make Salesforce Service Cloud the number one Customer Service Solution

Salesforce Service Cloud:

Salesforce Service Cloud is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform for customer service and support. It could be one part of Salesforce’s CRM package that could be the ideal CRM software solution for your business.

What does Salesforce Service Cloud do?

• Enables your customer service team to resolve cases quickly, process automatically, and improve team efficiency with service statistics.

• Increases the efficiency of customer service teams through automated workflows.

• Incorporates built-in asset management and organization tools.

• Improves the performance of call center teams with cloud telephony and AI-enabled production tools.

• Allows your business to easily set up a self-help center for their clients, which includes easy-to-use systems for booking appointments, checking account balances, and making debt payments.

• Allows customers access to a wide range of digital channels such as mobile messaging, live AI chat, social media, and email.

• Integrates customer queries from all channels into one easy ticket system for your customer team to follow.

• Comes with a Field Service solution, which enhances the efficiency of your field service staff and enhances their services with remote support, AI-powered technical support, and mobile integration.

9 Features That Make a Salesforce Service Cloud # 1 Customer Service Solution:

Lightning Console – Increase Agent Production:

The Lightning console integrates agent authentication and provides all information from customer profiles, case history, to dashboards.

Live Agent – Chat 1:1 instantly from any device:

This allows the customer to connect to the Service Provider in real time while providing multilingual support. This allows 1:1 real-time chat instantly from any device. Discussions can be promptly submitted to the topic expert.

Mobile – Personal service on all devices, anywhere, anytime:

Salesforce Service cloud cases can be handled anywhere. Allows Field-Service agents to resolve a case on the go and management and supervisors can monitor real-time metrics with the Salesforce Service Cloud mobile app.

Communities – Help customers and employees help themselves:

Communities provide the customer with the opportunity to get the required answers as quickly as possible at any time. This provides agents and customer tools with greater engagement and faster problem solving.

Information – Get relevant responses from agents and clients quickly:

With the knowledge base embedded in the agent console, agents can easily access and deliver relevant responses to customers. It also allows the agent to share information with any other channel or tool and assists the agent to provide him or her on a knowledge basis.

Service Wave Analytics – Turn understanding into action with Service Wave statistics:

Service wave analytics is the first application to bring wave statistics to the Salesforce service cloud. Allows every service manager to promptly evaluate case management, agent efficiency and channel efficiency anywhere.

SOS – The future of in-app mobile support:

SOS helps to surpass conventional support channels with live agent video support, screen sharing, two-way audio and on-screen annotations in any mobile application to provide inclusive service information to customers.

Community Customer Service – Deliver measuring customer service:

This equips the customer service team with the tools to create and handle cases on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Omni Routing – Efficiency, Transparency, and Speed:

Omni Channel enables the default route of task objects (case, track or other functions) to the most relevant and available agent. This allows Managers to configure Salesforce service cloud to streamline workload based on a set of employee capabilities, availability and their ability to handle incoming work. This also ensures that the priority job always gets a quick step.


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